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I have mentioned how important I believe goals are soooo I wanted to share my 21st Year Goals with you.

Put health & wellness first!

I have a tendency to put my health to the side & focus on working or convincing myself that I’m okay. I forget to take breaks & will grab food on the go A LOT. This needs to be number one this year. The focus is to eat with intention, exercise regularly, & stay mindful.

Volunteer more often

I love where I live & would love to do whatever I can to help people in need. My community has more than enough opportunities for me to volunteer on the weekends, after work, or on a day off & I would like to take advantage of that. It’s so grounding & brings me happiness.

Enjoy life as it is - don’t look to the future too often

Living in my calendar is fine sometimes…even 2 years out? Maybe not. I want to really stay present & in the moment as much as possible. I’m not saying it’s not alright to have goals set. Enjoy the life I have & where I stand now.

Invest in more fashion pieces

Fashion is life. I love it. I’ve been telling myself that I can’t invest in fashion pieces unless I lose 15 pounds, 3 inches in my waist, &/or tone my legs. It has got to stop. Follow my Pinterest board - FASHION for my style picks.

Go out of my comfort zone

I try to do this regularly, but it normally has a benefit attached like getting paid…is that bad?

Make time for PURE FUN

I went to one of those trampoline places to babysit-totally out of my comfort zone, but I got paid so HOLLA! Anyway, I ended up going back with my bestie without children & had a fabulous time. We work together & it was after a really rough day at work.

Connect with nature

Be outside. Get fresh air. Don’t get stung by bees.

Let me know your current goals. What are your plans to achieve them?



DIRTY HAIR: One Week - One Wash

DIRTY HAIR: One Week - One Wash