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10 Step Shower Routine for Self Care

10 Step Shower Routine for Self Care

As a kid, I hated to take showers. It wasn’t because I didn’t like to be clean, more because it took me away from doing something fun. It felt like a chore. Now that I’m older I have made my shower routine something to look forward to! I’m very excited to share my shower routine with you. It’s very extra so just know that this isn’t what I do every single day.

STEP ONE:Dry Brush

Dry Brushing is a great way to exfoliate, promotes lymphatic drainage, & improves circulation. I like this one because it has a removable handle.

STEP TWO:Wash Hair

I wash my hair first thing so I can leave the conditioner in as long as possible.

STEP THREE:Deep Condition & put it up in a clip

I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week so I deep condition every time I wash it. I only use product on the ends of my hair, though! This conditioner hydrates, softens, & makes my hair sparkle.


Umm..definitely a must. Let me just tell you, I have tried probably 100 different soaps & personally, nothing has more benefits than another. I just use any brand I can find at Target or CVS & smells good.

STEP FIVE: Exfoliate body

I normally exfoliate 2 times per week. This has made such a difference in my skin. My lotion goes on smoother & my skin feels hydrated even before lotion.


Again, must I explain? Shaving gets rid of hair & is another form of exfoliation. I always use a man’s razor!


I try to rinse my hair as late in my shower as possible so the conditioner has time to soak in. I take my alligator clip out, brush through my hair with a Wet Brush & rinse!


I cannot stand to wash my face any sooner than this in the shower. It gets dry & annoying.

STEP NINE: Exfoliate Face

I exfoliate my face 2-3 times per week. It depends on how my skin feels. I get dry spots on my nose & right under my eyes.

STEP TEN: Lotion

If I do not use lotion, I will pass out. Even if I’m sick, I have to put lotion on. It may not get completely rubbed in…but at least I know I’m somewhat moisturized.

My shower routine is so much less bleak than when I was younger. I really enjoy taking this time to myself. Each step I take, I know the benefits & the reason behind me doing it. Whatever your shower routine is make it fun! Get good smelling products or new items-that always spices up my routine.

What’s your routine for the shower? Do you eagerly anticipate your shower or procrastinate until the last minute?

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