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In honor of Thanksgiving, I would like to give thanks. This post is more for me than anything, but I would like to share 50 things that make me happy.

  1. My family, of course. The vibes I get with my family are on another level. More than grateful. Completely indebted to every single one of you.

  2. My boyfriend. He is the most loving person I know.

  3. My dog. She recently had a cancerous tumor removed & I can’t tell you how much it affected my soul. She is okay & the cancer was solely in the tumor.

  4. My friends. I have like two so you know who you are. They make my heart happy every day.

  5. My boyfriend’s family. In the last 5 years they have treated me like a member of their own family.

  6. Lanolips Lemonaid Treatment.

  7. Doctors. My doctor makes me feel better about my weird issues…

  8. Water.

  9. Charity Events. I love to help people in my community & beyond.

  10. Target. The healthy alternative to Walmart.

  11. Leggings.

  12. Laser Hair Removal

  13. My job. I really like buying stuff lol….but honestly I have a great time at work.

  14. Fuzzy socks.

  15. Carbs. I love you & I hate you. I love you more though.

  16. Sparkles

  17. Amazon & Amazon Prime.

  18. The little ones I babysit. You are too young to read this but just know that you make me laugh every time I see you & even after that.

  19. Skincare.

  20. Memes. Laughing burns calories.

  21. Sunglasses.

  22. My hair dresser. I’m so glad I can rely on someone to read my mind like you do.

  23. Elephants.

  24. Barbie Movies on Netflix. My childhood back to life.

  25. Grocery Delivery.

  26. My therapist. THANKS GIRL! You uplift me, inspire me, & help me become me.

  27. Vacation days.

  28. Old Vine Videos. Miss it sooo much!

  29. Sushi.

  30. My facialist. Thanks for zapping me every 2 weeks.

  31. Caffeine because without you I would have headaches.

  32. Naps.

  33. Ariana Grande & her incredible voice.

  34. Good health.

  35. Red nail polish. I exude confidence when I wear it.

  36. Untouched snow.

  37. Retail therapy. I can’t help it or maybe I can. I don’t know.

  38. Dog videos. PURE!

  39. Mascara. The one thing I absolutely need from my makeup bag.

  40. Body positivity & curves.

  41. Holiday Season!

  42. Genuine smiles.

  43. Fields of flowers. Fill me with joy!!

  44. When you go to the spa, nail salon, or store & an employee remembers your name. LOVEEEE!

  45. Goals.

  46. Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s so pretty & cares about the environment.

  47. Dancing.

  48. People who write the quotes that make me feel good about myself.

  49. Surprises. Specifically the ones that you didn’t even know were coming.

  50. This blog for being an outlet for me.

This was a fun experience. It wasn’t an assignment or something I had to come up with on the spot. I had time to think about what brings me happiness, even little things.

I encourage anyone reading this to list things that make you happy & please share with me!

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